Why PILOTS CAN´T wear POLARIZED sunglasses? Explain by CAPTAIN JOE

The light sending out from the sunlight releases light bits, much better known as Photons. These photons vibrate backwards and forwards, or side to side creating a package of light waves flying towards planet earth.
Which indicates that the light is given by the sun flys in horizontal or vertical waves, consequently making the light waves unpolarized.
However, the sunlight could disentangle itself very easily. Those light bits just need to strike something, like a lake or in our instance clouds, and they’ll begin shaking in the same direction.

Meaning all the photons start oscillating in the instructions that are perpendicular to that surface. So, the light particles that jump off a horizontal surface area will certainly after that begin oscillating up and down.
Suggesting the mirrored particles instantly have fallen under sync showing as polarized light.

Which brings us back to our polarized sunglasses. I admit the name was not well chosen, they must have called them “sunglasses with upright or horizontal bars”, which are able to obstruct polarized light.
So allow ´ s state the sunlight which obtains mirrored off a cloud, is coming vertically in the direction of you, offering you that awful glow. Currently, if you place on your polarized sunglasses with “horizontal bars” in them, they will block the upright light waves as well as lower the glare.

Currently you ´ ll believe that ´ s terrific, trigger pilots see sunshine reflecting clouds a lot of their time, so why can ´ t they wear polarized sunglasses? Here comes the issue!
See the remainder of the video for more information about polarized sunglasses influence your vision in a modern airliner cabin!

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